Opening Seasons

January 5 ~ Early June

Opening Hours

10:00 ~ 13:00
(Guests should enter the farm by 12:00)

Closed Days

No scheduled closed days.
Detail can be confirmed if you access Reservation Calendar.

  • Guests are advised to come as early as possible because the quantity of pickable berries is limited.
  • Opening hours are fluctuated depending on reservation status.
  • Guests must make reservation. (If guests come to our farm without reservation, they might be refused to enter.)

Important notice to our guest
Acceptable number of guests is influenced by the ripeness statusof berries. Everyday our staff has to determine acceptable numberof guests. Please understand such a difficult circumstance.

Reservation Reception is Open now !


  January 5 〜 May 6

  May 7 〜 June 9

Adults &
Junior High-School Students



Elementary School Students



Age 3 or older



Age 1 or 2

¥   500

¥   500

Age 0



*Include tax